How To Play Guitar Left Handed

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 A guitar is amongst those instruments which must be played with both hands, it is for this reason that an individual needs to decide whether they want to play their Acoustic Guitar Left Handed or right-handed. One of the first and foremost things to consider while playing a guitar is to understand which hand to use. Determining the hand is important because it assists in basic guitar playing like finger picking or strumming chords. For those who want to play the Acoustic Guitar Left Handed, it is necessary to see which hand is more adept to which part of the guitar. To determine which hand is stronger, an individual must play to check their coordination.Instructions for Playing Acoustic Guitar Left HandedIt is essential to understand the basics of playing the Acoustic Guitar Left Handed. The first thing to take into consideration is that a great number of books on music and instruction on how to play them are written for the right-handed guitar players. This means that almost all charts containing chords, tablature, and diagrams explaining diagrams are presented for the right-hand players. The few guitar books that have been written for those players that play the Acoustic Guitar Left Handed are not very concise or instructive and thus of little of no use. 
Limitations to Playing Acoustic Guitar Left HandedFor those out to play the Acoustic Guitar Left Handed must understand the limitations and complications that accompany this task. For starters, as mentioned above, there are very few instruction books for the left-handed player. This is accompanied by guitar companies who ask for a phenomenal fee for those who play the Acoustic Guitar Left Handed. There are several laws in the process of being passed to ensure that this kind of discrimination is lowered or prevented. However, these laws are unable to change the kind of guitars available for the ordinary musician playing the Acoustic Guitar Left Handed.Options for Musicians Playing Acoustic Guitar Left HandedYet, there is hope for those out to play the guitar with their left hand. Musicians who have the money can opt to have their guitars custom made or have a right-handed guitar changed for their left hand by moving the pickguard and customizing the nut.Another option is to buy a left-handed guitar despite the limitations.Read more about How To Play Guitar Left HandedThe strings of the right-handed guitar can also be changed to suit the needs of those who play the Acoustic Guitar Left Handed. The last option is to play a right-hand guitar because music is not affected by the hand that plays it rather the spirit that strums it  For more info visit  How To Play Guitar Left Handed         

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