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20/02/2012 22:33

The mobile app, regardless of platform, is arguably the fastest-booming industry in the world. No wonder a lot of people today are interested to become an app maker. There are many ways you can earn as a mobile app developer or apps reseller. Read on below how you can make money from mobile applications:Freemium apps - The easiest, fastest way to monetize an app is by offering a demo or free edition of it that can be upgraded to a full-featured paid edition. Doing so encourages people to download the app with a complete knowledge of the costs involved. And if they like the lite/free version and want more features, they have an option to get the paid version.In-app advertising - Ad-supported applications are great for those with high and regular usage like social media, news, sports, weather, etc. Advertisements are streaming either in a wrapped method (loading and exit the application screens) or incorporated within the app. Mobile ad spaces are paid based on impressions or per click, and sales are divided among the content owner, tech provider and the carrier (if they're distributing).In-app purchases - Offering in-app purchases within free or paid apps creates lots of new and exciting income opportunities. Here, you can sell virtual goods, premium content, subscriptions, unlocking features and others.Paid subscriptions over time - Read more about how to make an app This kind of arrangement includes a monthly subscription fee, instead of the usual one-time download charge. This is great for mobile applications that provide a lot of fast-changing content like news, magazines, anti-virus, streaming music/video, etc.Marketing - What a shocker! Of course, you can't just build an app and hope it sells like hot pancakes. This is especially true now that the Apple App Store alone contains more than 500,000 apps. To make money from your app and get ahead of the competition, you need to devise a solid marketing strategy. Take advantage of online marketing techniques like social media, press release and others to create buzz around your app.The world of mobile applications is indeed flourishing. If you're an app maker or apps reseller looking to generate more income, apply these five money-making opportunities above as you see suitable to you.For more info visit how to make an app          


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