how to last longer in bed

01/10/2012 02:14

Do you want to learn how to last longer in bed? Are you frustrated with sex that always finishes within a minute? If you are, it is nothing to feel embarrassed about. There are many more men just like you, disappointed about not being able to satisfy their sexual partners in bed.A biological fact remains that women take more time for arousal before they actually start intercourse. Ten to fifteen minutes is common for most women. That means you need the ability to last at least that long in order for your partner to be sexually satisfied. Seem like a tough task? Not if you follow these three simple techniques:#1 Slow DownSimply put, slow down during sexual intercourse. Many guys are too eager to go right into thrusting mode as soon as they start sex. Doing that can cause your arousal to skyrocket, and any more friction or movement can push you beyond the point of no return. A great way to prevent this is to focus on the sensuality of love making, instead of the actual sexual part. There is a big difference. Sensuality makes you act slowly, paying attention to every part of her body that could be erotically pleasing. This also helps remove focus from your own penis, which enables you to last longer.#2 Play DeepAre you aware that the female body widens as it gets deeper? If you are a "minute man", switching from shallow and deep thrusts is a great method of adding more time to your sexual intercourse. That is because deep penetration does not stimulate the nerves of the penis glans as much as the first two inches of the vagina. If you feel yourself losing control, then thrust deep and keep it there until your arousal drops down a couple of levels. This technique has worked incredibly well for me, and I reckon it would do the same for you.#3 CowgirlThe missionary position puts a great deal of tension on legs and hand muscles. When your body is tensed up, it is more susceptible to a premature ejaculation as your body seeks a way of releasing the built-up tension.So instead, let your partner mount on top of you. It's otherwise known as the cowgirl position. Since you are lying down on your back, you are able to fully relax your muscles, and delay your body's mechanism for release.When you are having sex in this position, and you sense an ejaculation coming, then all you have to do is keep your muscles in a relaxed state, and an ejaculation will take much longer to occur.For more info,Please visit how to last longer in bed This is an effective techinque for strengthening your endurance and enabling you to last longer in bed.#4 Breathing ControlBreathing is a natural function. Unfortunately, flawed breathing can cause you to ejaculate too fast. That's because the short bursts of breath that go with the sexual excitement elevates the need for your body to release built-up sexual tension by having an orgasm soon.A great way to conquer this is to control your breathing through a conscious effort of inhaling and exhaling. This slows down your heart rate and helps delay ejaculation until you are ready to orgasm. It also shifts attention away from the sensations you feel in your genital area and helps you focus on your partner's pleasures.If you are tired of suffering from premature ejaculation, then learning the right techniques will work wonders in helping you conquer this problem. Practice these four simple tips and sensational stamina will soon be a reality for you.For other details click here


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