How To Become a Pilates Instructor

27/09/2011 06:43

Pilates training is an effective workout regimen that was developed and refined over the years to build up the core body muscles and improve flexibility at the same time. People who want to get in top physical condition value Pilates workout sessions because they can stay fit without extensive strength training and aerobic exercise.Despite its growing popularity, there is a shortage of qualified Pilate's instructors who can teach the essential Pilates workout and exercise routines. This trend opens up great career opportunities for individuals who are interested in becoming a Pilate's instructor. Of course, the first step is passing a comprehensive Pilates teacher training course.
Pilates Teacher TrainingIt is important to point out that there are no shortcuts in Pilates training because unlike typical personal training programs, it requires you to undergo a rigorous program that combines hundreds of hours of classroom lectures and daily Pilates workouts. 
Before you go into Pilates training, you must be fit both intellectually and physically. You also need to have a background as a certified fitness trainer or as a licensed rehabilitation specialist. There are many popular Pilates training centres throughout Australia and many of them offer different training courses.
Choosing the Best Pilates Teacher TrainingThe best Pilates teacher training mixes the traditional Pilates workout proposed by Joseph Pilates with modern exercise regimens developed by the world's top Pilates practitioners. Observe the following guidelines in choosing the best Pilates training program:- The qualifications and experience of the program director- Pilates training background of the program facilitators- Scheduling and full duration of the program- Pre-requisites for the entry of the program- Advanced Pilates workout sessions- Pilates certification and examinationIf you who want to become a Pilate's instructor, you have to obtain certification for various Pilates teacher training programs. Below are examples of three Pilate's teacher training certifications that you can obtain.1 Mat Instructor CertificationThe Pilates mat training will cover all of the basic mat exercises with modifications to suit the client's needs. This course is usually offered as an intensive weekend session or over the course of two weekends. Once you get certified, you can now train in Pilate's equipment.2.Equipment Instructor CertificationStudents should have at least one year of extensive Pilate's workout sessions and private lessons.Read more about How To Become a Pilates Instructor An important pre-requisite here is the completion of the Pilates teacher training for mat exercises before learning to teach equipment use. You will also undertake basic education in anatomy and human kinetics to learn more about how the human body works. The cost of this training varies depending upon the program.3.  Hybrid CertificationRecently, there is the growing trend wherein Pilates is combined with other exercise methods and elements of various fitness equipment thereby adding yoga, exercise balls, and aquatics in Pilates workout sessions. Unlike the other two certifications, there are no pre-requisites.Once you passed the Pilates teacher training, you can become a certified Pilate's instructor. With your certification, it's your responsibility and more importantly privilege to help people learn Pilates!For more info visit How To Become a Pilates Instructor           


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