How 2 get a six pack

29/11/2011 13:58

If you are reading this article, you are probably trying to get six pack abs. That's a very good thing because you are actually trying to achieve something other than those losers who don't care how big their stomach gets but they keep growing bigger, so big they could beat up BIG FOOT.Ok, I am bragging too much. If you have already started your journey to get that six pack abs you always wanted then you probably would have heard of the following joke lines:1. Don't ever count what you eat.2. If you're doing 600 crunches a day, you will get six pack abs FAST.3. Doing Ab exercises is more than enough to get that rock hard abs.4. Buy an Ab-Machine and you will lose 4 inches in a week.5. Do those Abs exercises everyday.WHATEVER. This is all bunch of old school jokes. Ain't true and can hardly be true.If you have heard any or all of these jokes, then it's time you flush your head. Now you are going to know nothing on how to get a six pack.If you are hearing about these stuff just after reading from this article, BETTER. Now you can laugh at those people if they tell you the jokes mentioned above.You must be tired of reading from so many places who mention how to get a six pack, but you keep doing it and never actually see any result. You get so depressed it's high time you quit. You probably wake up every morning and look at the mirror, and get a small sadness in your face because of the tummy of yours that most of the time won't even let you look at your own feet. You even convince yourself you are going to start working out next thing TOMORROW morning or NEXT WEEK or NEXT MONTH or maybe NEXT YEAR.Guess what, don't do it at all. You don't deserve to know how to get a six pack.If you really want to know the answer then promise yourself, you are going to start working out TODAY.Goal setting is a crucial factor to reaching any dream, be it ¡°How to become a millionaire¡± or be it ¡°How to get a six pack¡±.You want to know why I said the 5 things I mentioned above are jokes right?Here's why:1. If you don't count what you eat, then you probably don't want to get six pack. Eating the right amount of nutrition and the right amount of calories is A VERY CRUCIAL factor in you quest to get a six pack... 2. You don't need six hundred Ab crunches to get a six pack. I can prove you can get must faster results and more HOT results by doing just 60 to 80 repetitions of a number of Ab exercises that I have put up in my website.3. If you only do Ab exercises, then I am Hundred Percent sure that you haven't yet got that six pack? Go ahead do another 40 crunches? How on earth do you think you are going to get a six pack or even a two pack if you don't get rid of that jelly fat all around your waist? You might have rock hard abs inside, but you won't see them because you are wearing a thick sweater of FAT..!4. How many Ab machine infomercials have you seen till now and how many did you actually purchase or tempted to purchase? Oh look, Read more about  How to get a six pack .I just did this Ab machine for 10 minutes everyday and in two weeks, I lost three inches. Have you noticed those before and after pictures? Before -- guy standing with a gloomy face, bad posture and bad lighting. After -- guy smiling so hard you can make a toothpaste ad. And look, he got a six pack, and he is standing with his chest out. Big question, before -- Guy has a bad chest, slouchy arms and bad shoulders, after -- He looks HOT. Not only has he got a six pack, he has rock hard pecks, and nerves popping out of his forearms and biceps... WOW, but how come? Ab machines don't work any of the other parts of the body right? It's just the Abs, then where the hell did he get that big arms and chest? Now you are thinking right?5. And last but not least, keep doing exercises for your abs everyday and you are guaranteed to never see a six pack. Ab muscles are just like any other muscle, why workout the other body parts three times a week, but work the abs everyday? Are you so impatient? You are just making your abs more angry and stubborn..!So you got the undiscovered truths on how to get a six pack? No right...You are probably disappointed by now because you thought I was going to give you simple exercises that will show you how to get a six pack in no time, right?Well, surprisingly I have a few simple strategies that are proven to give you that six pack you always wanted.For more info visit How 2 get a six pack .




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