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18/09/2011 12:05

Hayward pool pool products and accessories have a well earned reputation in the industry for quality and reliability. However as with any other products that you buy you will have to pay extra for the added quality that is to be found in Hayward pool filters. Longer Life Span and Greater ReliabilityDon't let this fact discourage you though. When the higher cost of a Hayward pool filter is factored against their longer life span, over all reliability, as well as their ability to do an effective job they are well worth he money. Also, Hayward pool filters are available in a wide range of sizes and prices.Your First Decision With Hayward Pool FiltersWhen purchasing a Hayward pool filter your first decision to be made is whether to buy the filter and pump separately or to buy one of the many pump-filter sets that come ready to install. Bear in mind that Hayward pool pumps are also built to the same high standards as their pool filters.Three Basic Types of Hayward Pool FiltersYour next decision will be what “type” of Hayward pool filter to buy for your pool. Your basic choices are diatomacous earth. Sand or filter screen or cartridge pool filters.Read more about hayward pool filters Bear in mind that Hayward has pioneered a number of advancements in new high tech filter cartridges in their cartridge pool filters.Easy to Find and Buy OnlineThis means that newer Hayward filter cartridge pool filters not only do a much better job of filtering water but they are also far easier to clean and maintain and last much longer as well. Also, all Hayward pool products, including their filter cartridges are easy to find and procure online.Check Out New Technical DevelopmentsThere have also been a number of new advancements in diatomacous earth as well as sand Hayward pool filters as well. This means that all Hayward pool filters in general are easier to maintain, easier to install and operate more quieter and efficiently.For more info visit hayward pool filters



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