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22/07/2012 16:40

These days, unless you have been living in a cave, you could not have missed the buzz around discount coupons and deals. Several businesses are offering attractive discounts on their services, making it easier for customers to get services and products at affordable prices. Some of the most sought after deals are in businesses such as restaurants and beauty products. Hair salon deals are an example. But, how good are these deals and what is the ROI for the customer?For a hair salon that offers discounts and deals, the largest benefit is the ability to attract new clients. In fact, with effective marketing, some salons have seen hundreds of new customers visiting the salon. Therefore, in a salon where the footfall is nothing to write home about, this business strategy may be an attractive option to add to the customer base without any additional cost. For the customer, this becomes profitable only when the salon is able to offer high quality services. In such cases, customers can enjoy high quality services at low costs.Most discount schemes work on the same principle. Service providers generally offer their services at a great discount. Normally, the discount could range from 50% to 70%. Thus, the salon only makes 30-50% of the normal profit they receive. Thus, salons that offer coupons and discount deals are not really making huge profits through the sale of discounts. The actual profit lies in the ability to attract customers for a second visit, then a third visit and so on. Read more about Hair salons Birmingham. Thus, the customer becomes a loyal customer and business is assured. Salons offering discounts are aware of this strategy. Therefore, they would generally offer high quality service to clients. Thus, it may be surmised that clients can enjoy high ROI in terms of quality of service also when they opt for discount deals.Hair treatments range from the simple to the complicated. Sometimes, even regular maintenance can be pricey. Layering, coloring, trimming and change of style could prove to be really expensive. In such a scenario, getting hair treatments at a fraction of the cost is indeed a smart thing to do.For someone who has lost sight of their fitness goals, it's hard to just jump back on the health-bandwagon, especially with the day-to-day struggles of work, family, and life in general.Here's your chance to launch into your new body with the 21 day rapid loss boot camp so you can get back into your skinny jeans and feel stronger too! You can alway checkout here for more!


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