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22/07/2012 18:01

The Guess brand was founded in 1981 by four brothers; Armand, Paul, Maurice, Georges and Marciano of Debdou, Morocco. From a brand that started from selling denim jeans, it has extended its influence on more fashionable items such as eyewear, perfume, apparel, shoes and watches. Carrying the brand's imprint of design and essence of style, Guess watches have become popularly known for its fine blend of American and European sensibility. As much as the Guess brand has quickly infiltrated the popular culture with its expert fashion and branding sensibility.From a small Californian jeans company, Guess has evolved into a global lifestyle brand. In addition to its full collection of children, women and men's apparel throughout the word, it has successfully established a fine reputation among its watch collections. During the 1980s, the brand was popular for its designer jeans. By 1984, it introduced the first line of Guess watches known as "Guess Steel". Through the years, the classic "Guess Steel" watch is joined by an ever increasing number of designer watches, both for men and for women.In 1994, the Guess collection GC watches were launched. This collection of Swiss-made watches solidified the brand's prestige in achieving a fine connection between fine and fashionable timepieces. For the style conscious and for the masculine market, the brand is ever confident in introducing watch collections that keep everyone interested and asking for more. From its luxury quality material to keen attention to design and details, the brand seem to have perfected the formula of inspiring everyone with nothing but the best and most glamorous of the fashion trends. Elegant, modern and timeless, Guess watches are one of the few indulgences that the consumers find hard time resisting.By 2004, the brand has celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Guess collection. You can read more on Guess Outlet by clicking on Guess Outlet. The celebration came with the issuance of the special edition Guess watch. In addition to the redesigned and enhanced selections of classic Guess watches, which include the very first "Guess Steel" model, the brand has introduced a lower priced collection of Guess watches in some of its outlet locations. Along with the 20th year celebration is the introduction of the brand's extension brand named Marciano.In the spring of 2007, the brand introduced another exciting GC watch collection, which featured eye-catching designs and high-end prices. With the move of breaking the tradition of sticking with stainless steel material, its collaboration with Callanen International, the producer of guess watches, introduced gold, silver and diamonds among Guess timepieces. This even made the brand more competitive with other high-end watch brands.Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and Tag Heuer are Guess watches' top competition. This competition actually served to the consumer's benefit as it made Guess consistent in pushing the envelope in creating fresh and trendy timepieces. With the modern collection, G by Guess, you will sure see more of the innovations in design and material selection found among Guess watches. Hence, with a Guess watch, you get to enjoy a fine watch that is worth your style and an accessory to match your glamorously fun lifestyle. Please visit my page for more information.          


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