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11/11/2012 23:40

Looking for the perfect engagement gift for a man in your life? If someone in the family or someone you know has recently gotten engaged, then offering him a gift of congratulations would be a really nice gesture.If you do not know his future wife very well, that is okay! An engagement gift can be just for him and a way for you a celebrate this exciting new chapter in his life. There will be other opportunities, such as the wedding, to give a gift for both of them as a couple.* Does he enjoy playing or watching sports?If you know his favorite sports team, then you could pick him up something that he would put to use, like a t-shirt or cap. Or you can go big and get a pair of tickets to a sporting event for him and soon-to-be wife. If you two often golf together, then purchasing a round of golf would be a fun gift that both of you can enjoy, and it will allow you to spend more time celebrating with just him.* Does he enjoy the finer things in life?Does he enjoy nothing more than smoking a fine cigar and sipping on cognac? Then he will definitely appreciate a nice cigar as an engagement present. Or you can consider getting him cigar accessory, such as a cigar cutter, humidor, or lighter.* Does he love food?Does he love going out to eat? Would he rather spend time at home cooking new recipes? Either way, foodies are easy to shop for. Get him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant or a new kitchen gadget for him to try out. If the only cooking he does is on the BBQ, then consider getting him a nice new set of bar-be-que tools or accessories. For more information click on Gifts for men. Not only is this gift perfect for indulging his passion for food, it can also be something that he and his new fiance can both enjoy!* Does he have any interesting hobbies?Does he enjoy hunting or fishing? Would you be able to find a related hobby accessory, like a new hunting knife or tackle box? Getting a hobby related engagement gift for him is always a good way to go.* Would a funny or gag engagement gift be best?If you guys are close, and he already has everything he needs, then why not think of a funny engagement present to get him? You can wrap up a 12-pack of his favorite beer and label it "Marriage Survival Kit" or "Wedding Survival Kit." Or you can get a personalized t-shirt with a funny saying like "Off the Market" or "Property of [insert name of future wife]."If you are still trying to figure out what he might like, that is not necessarily over-the-top, then consider just getting him a bottle of his favorite scotch or a gift card to his favorite coffee shop. These types of engagement gifts for men that are always appreciated.  Browse my awesome site to learn more!


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