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19/08/2011 20:04

You've probably heard the advice that you shouldn't constantly call or message your ex just after a break up. The cool down period is always recommended and taking a break from your ex is very important even if you're unsure whether you want them back or not. There comes a time in your planning where you have to talk to them eventually right? You're going to have to make contact somehow, so how exactly do you go about doing this?Talking to your ex should only happen after a break that you are able to reflect on the relationship and where the relationship went wrong. This isolation will help you get your own things straight so you know exactly where you stand. Once you've done all that and feel you're ready to pursue your ex you need to do it in the proper way.Being full of emotions during your first contact with your ex is a bad idea at this stage. You will probably still be hurting a lot after the break up and your ex is surely going through the same feelings. Their first impression from being hit with all these emotions and type of talk is panic, stress, and anxiety. The possibility of losing your ex forever is too high to task this risk.
Due to this real possibility your first communication with your ex should be on the easy side. Small talk. You should stay away from relationship talk at this point. simply break the ice and not try to ix the relationship on this initial meeting. Rebuilding what you had will be slow, so you need to accept that it won't happen overnight and take some real commitment to doing it, yet take it slow.Read more about get my ex back  If you think you're ready for first contact the recommended ways are a phone call, a short email, or a text message. Hold off meeting in person for now.Since you don't want to drive your ex away again with relationship type of talk keep the messages friendly, cordial, and easy going. The purpose of this is to have them be aware of your presence and want to be in their life again. This is work from the ground up, so you're going to be approaching this like you were courting them all over again, from a friend back into your significant other. If you move too quickly, then you risk losing them again.If the first contact is successful gradually improve what you're doing over time. You're on the right track and eventually you'll find yourself spending more and more time with them. This is where you are able to connect with them again and finally get them back. At this point it's in your hands what you do.For more info visit get my ex back


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