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20/10/2011 14:12

Google Adsense Approval is not easy these days just because of strictness of Google. Many website owners are not getting approval easily. But don't worry we have the great but genuine trics to approve your adsense account.
Let me explain it for you. If you think that today you can not approve google adsense account then you are wrong. With this genuine trick you easily will be approved by google adsense.
Firstly go to flixya dot com. Flixya is a genuine website to getting approval very fast. then free sign up with flixya and create a new gmail id to registering with flixya. During registration it will ask you that you have adsense account or noy then select the option for new account. After that you will get 2 confirmation emails on your email address. One from flixya and 2nd from google adsense then confirm your links and submit form by adsense. and confirm email by adsense again.
Your task is not finish here. Put some beautiful pictures into your flixya account from internet and write at least 2 fresh blog into flixya and put some useful videos and add some friends into your flixya's friend list and also complete your profile into flixya.Read more about Get adsense approval.
and after this wait for Adsense Approval email. You will recieve approval email very soon from google. Flixya is a social networking website, so add maximum things into your flixya account. And believe me it will Genuine approval way for Google Adsense Account. Visit us for more information of Genuine Google Adsense Account.For more  info visit Get adsense approval.


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