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06/08/2011 17:27

Most people over complicate when they try and build muscle. The principles in this article are based on over 100 years of research, and in truth not much has changed in that time.In order to build the maximum muscle in the shortest time, you must;Perform the right exercisesFocus on building the largest muscle groups in your body - this means the legs, hips and back muscles. Building the largest muscles first will make the smaller muscles more responsive to exercise, so you get more bang for your buck.Gain BodyweightUnderstand that in order to get more muscle you will need to gain bodyweight. This means ensuring you get enough quality food to give your muscles the fuel they need to grow. Know also that you will almost certainly have to gain some fat as well as muscle. Unless you have amazing genetics it's almost impossible to gain muscle without fat. Train the right number of times per weekMuscles grow when they're at rest - fact. Your mission is to give them the stimulation they need to grow, then get out of the gym and rest, which gives them the opportunity to grow. Most unsuccessful bodybuilders spend way too long in the gym, doing the wrong exercises that don't sufficiently stimulate muscle growth, and then compound that error but not getting enough rest either.So no more than three workouts a week, better still only two.Get sufficient rest and sleepAim for 8 hours sleep if possible, this is especially vital if you're under 30 years old. You can get away with slightly less sleep as you get older, but for best progress aim for 8 hours a night in any case. Perform enough cardio respiratory workThe most important muscle in the body is your heart. Cardio makes your respiratory system more efficient, which makes it better at eliminating waste products, such as lactic acid which causes muscle soreness after a workout.This means that cardio will help you to recover better from your weight workouts. I mentioned earlier in this piece the need for enough rest and sleep. Some folks take this to the other extreme and they become total couch potatoes when not training. Unless you're right at the end of a training cycle, always find a way of getting say two 35 minute cardio sessions into your routine. If you're really concerned about gaining too much fat, try tacking your cardio sessions onto the end of your weight workouts, unless this really wipes you out.  Use progressive poundage'sEach workout should build on the last. Aim to add small, manageable amounts of weight to the bar each and every time you workout, whilst keeping your lifting form as near to perfect as possible.Cycle your routinesStart a cycle with sub maximal weights, and then build the weights up as you go through the cycle. This will give you a gaining momentum that should help you to push through previous best lifts. If you want to get bigger, you must get stronger, which means lifting heavier. Perfect exercise techniqueThe one thing guaranteed to bring your progress grinding to a halt is injury. Most injuries are caused by poor exercise technique, assuming your choice of exercises is good. Learn excellent technique and practise it on each and every rep you do. Never miss lower body workoutsThe largest muscle groups in the body are in the legs.Read more about  Gain muscle fast Most experienced bodybuilders will tell you that leg day is their toughest workout. The two best weight training movements you can ever do, bar none, are the squat and the dead lift. Fact.Notice they're both really lower body movements. Barring injuries or physical restrictions, make sure you do one or the other. When you build your weight and intensity level up you may find that it's just too hard to do both - so find the one that suits your body best, and stick to it, concentrating on building the weights up while keeping your form textbook. That is the holy grail of building muscle fast. For more info visit Gain muscle fast



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