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13/10/2011 16:35

 In the current times' battle of the tweets, text messages, Facebook updates, banner ads and inboxes flying all across the screen, organizations cannot afford to overlook online fundraising strategies to motivate and stimulate supporters to donate money. You do not have enough budget to hire fundraising strategists to aid you formulate your online fundraising campaigns? No worries. Follow the below mentioned 5 tips and you will be on your way to raise higher amounts of funds for your nonprofits:Short, Sweet and Catchy Subject lines: Hook your donors right off the bat via short and catchy subject lines.  Example of a Good and Catchy Subject Line: Help keep a Pooch Safe in the DC's Blizzard!This is a good subject line, as it is local, focused, bit sentimental and timely. Who does not wish to keep a pooch safe from an appalling blizzard in one's hometown? Short & Cute! Narrate a Story: So you hooked your supporters with a catchy subject line, now continue to hold them in the body of text with a straightforward, brief appeal that narrates a tale.  You do not need the world's greatest storyteller in order to tell an appealing story to your supporters. Why? As, daily you work on some of the arduous issues that are faced by your community or the world. You have an access to some of the most compelling stories at your disposal around the issues you advocate for and the people you want to help. Now share them with all. Tell your supporters how their $50 donation will aid A, B or C. Moreover, be as specific and precise as you can be.Read more about fundraising online Ask for Donation Upfront: People usually skim appeals; so, render an opportunity for donors to donate (along with a link) within the 1st paragraph of appeal (preferably within 1st three lines). After that, repeat the call to donate minimum 3 more times. Make it Timely: The most successful non-profit organizations raise huge funds around timely issues. You can create many opportunities via connecting your online fundraising campaigns with the current news - seize it!Follow up: Do not forget to close the loop. The basic cultivation strategy that includes engaging and sustaining donors is extremely important. Most often, nonprofit organizations forget to thank their supporters and close the loop in their online fundraising campaigns. Donors are eager to know if you have met your objectives. Therefore, take out time to create better relationships with them and schedule follow-up emails. Also, ensure to include success stories, photographs so that the donors feel that their donation made a great difference.For more info visit fundraising online



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