freezing ps3

27/05/2012 21:19

Your PS3 freezes because your console is affected by the heat. So guess what you have to? That's right, you have to cool it down. But of course, that would be too easy. So the PlayStation 3 sometimes makes a decision to keep on freezing. So what can you do? First of all, there are a few ways to fix this.1) To stop the PS3 from Freezing, you could begin by putting off your console and wait for 20 minutes. After that, put it back on.2) Check if there's any loose cables. If there is, put them back in.3) Get the hard drive out, and put it back in.If you did this, but the PS3 freezes are still there, than you have 2 options left.What you could do now, is to send your PlayStation 3 back to Sony. Let them deal with your PS3 freezes. Although, this might sound good take a look at this first. It will take at least 1 month before you will have your console back. Also, if your warranty has been expired, you will have to pay $150.For more info,Please visit freezing ps3 Does this still sound so attractive? Don't think so.. Let's take a look at the other option then!You could stop your PS3 freezes by fixing it by yourself! This might sound hard, but if you got a good repair guide on your side, it will be a easy. I'd recommend that you use a guide, because this will take all the guess work out. If you don't use a repair guide, you can actually cause more damage to your PlayStation 3.For more information, go to this URL


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