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24/08/2011 22:56

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The current demonstrations in Thailands capital Bangkok are a major issue at this moment in time,how will this affect your holiday or trip to Bangkok ?
We strongly advise that expats and tourists stay away from the demonstration areas which can be found in our news updates,there is still plenty to see and do in the lively capital of bangkok.
What other regions are affected ?
At the moment the protests are restricted to areas og Bangkok and typical holiday resorts as Phuket,Pattaya,Hua Hin and Koh Samui life goes on as normal.
What about the regions were the red shirts come from ?
The main core of the redshirts come from the north and north east regions in particular issan,you wont have any problems at all in these regions,were life is very much a farming and rural enviroment.Read more about Free moo news We are based in Surin in the north east of Thailand and there is no sign at all of any protests or discontent,approx 500km from Bangkok there are various ways to get here,train,bus,taxi or you can get a flight to Burriram,however this service seems very unreliable at the moment and i would opt for a vip1 coach from Moo Chit (400 baht) or a train from Bangkok (sleepers avaialble) For more info visit Free moo news


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