Fortis Watches

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About Time Watch Company is undoubtedly an Authorized Fortis Watch Dealer. All Fortis watches are completely new obtainable which has a Fortis Factory International manufacturer's warranty.

A brief history of Fortis is Really the History of Modern Watchmaking

Fortis Watches

When watchmaker Walter Vogt started commercial watch production in 1912 under the name Vogt & Git in the Swiss village of Grenchen, his slogan was “difficulties are there to be overcome.” Back then, competitiveness was powerful amongst Swiss watchmakers and Vogt believed that the secret to achievements would have been to be located via innovation. From the beginning, he seemed to be determined to produce excellent, revolutionary styles at reasonable prices.

Walter Vogt, Founding father of the Fortis Watch Company Walter Vogt recognized that to have success he needed an excellent name as well as innovative merchandise to market. In 1914, he discovered the name he wanted and Vogt &Git grew to become Fortis Watch. Ten years subsequently Vogt met English watchmaker and inventor John Harwood. With the aid of Harwood, Vogt identified the impressive concept his company needed.Read more about Fortis Watches

Fortis Mens 641.10.12M B-42 Diver Alarm Chronograph

Although not all these innovations were a commercial achievement; they did determine Fortis as a world-class technical inventor.

Fortis Mens 630.10.11 M Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Watch

The company’s track record of producing space watches was enhanced a little bit more as soon as the Fortis Cosmonaut Chronograph was chosen to generally be the official watch of the Russian-German space mission MIR 97 in 1997.For more info visit Fortis Watches

Nearly a century soon after that it was founded, Fortis continues to set the pace for other watch businesses to follow. After a century of watch making innovation, this company is still situated in Grenchen, Switzerland and remains committed to finding new meanings for the “strength” present in its popular title.


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