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Entertaining is fun but only when you have worked out the ground rules with your flatmates to avoid conflicts later. Inform your flatmates and educate your guestsWhen you have guests, let your flatmates know in advance and inform your guest of any house rules. Go through the terms on sharing chores, cleaning-up, bathroom time and TV/music time or noise levels with your guests before they stay over. It’s not a pleasant sight to see dirty clothes or damp towels lying around, especially if they aren’t yours. If your guest hogs the bathroom for extended periods of time and enjoys a karaoke session in the shower, it can lead to big fights. Your guest should not be the cause of your flatmate missing the bus to work or getting late for classes. If your guest is a chain-smoker or a heavy drinker, be careful as it may cause a scene with your flat mates especially if they are teetotallers. You may not be the one breaking the rules, but you are guilty as charged because you failed to apprise your guest of the house rules you forged with your flatmates! PrivacyPrivacy is another important factor that you must consider when having guests over. If your flatmate gets up early for work, or has exams going on that they need to prepare for; other people could be an annoying disturbance to them especially when they overstay their welcome. Talk to your guests beforehand about your flatmate especially if there staying during weekdays. Let them know what they shouldn’t do that might be considered infringement of privacy. You need to take responsibility for ensuring that your guests and flatmates do not get into confrontations or other unpleasant situations. Financial implicationsExpenses also play their part in your flatmates’ acceptance or approval of guests. If they see that people you’ve brought over are using the phone for extended periods of time or enjoying one too many meals cooked with groceries you and your flat mates have bought; they will get very annoyed and upset.Read more about Flatshare Don’t allow someone to sleep on your floor for months on end, as this will irritate your flatmates, especially if your guest isn’t making any contribution to the household expenses. Sometimes your flatmates may not be comfortable with certain people staying for long, or spending the night. Their feelings and opinions have to be respected. Talking to your flat mate(s) and setting a few ground rules can make the bringing of guests over a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone. It pays to check out how your flatmates feel about your friends or partner staying over, especially if they do so on a regular basis. It is courtesy to ask and be prepared for a negative response if this has been occurring a lot.Try to remember what may meet the needs of one person may become an imposition and an inconvenience to others.For more info visit Flatshare



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