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We all know that people come in all shapes and sizes and it's no different with feet and legs. Finding the perfect fitting footwear is not just about the shoe size, it's also about the width of the shoe and of the boot. Of course, shoes should look great but how they fit and feel is just as important.If your shoes and boots feel too tight and pinch then you probably need wider widths, so here's a guide to wide fitting shoes and boots so you can have footwear that's perfect for you!.Wider shoes and boots usually fall into three different widths, although you may find specialist footwear providers have a bigger range of sizes.S fit - slim  D fit - standard  E fit - wide  EE fit - extra wide EEE fit - ultra wideShoesThe key to finding the most comfortable shoes is to know your ideal shoes size and width fitting. Most women's shoes are sold in a standard size known as a D fit but many find that they feel too narrow or pinch, so if that's you then you probably need wide fitting shoes. Wide fitting shoes usually come in a choice of three fittings which are an E fit for wide, EE fit for extra wide and EEE fit for ultra wide fitting, although you'll probably find some retailers stock an even better selection with many going up to an EEEEE fit for the widest of feet. When measuring your foot width you need to measure your foot at the widest part to allow for the best fit.It used to be quite hard to find fashionable styles of wide shoes, but there are lots of retailers who either specialise in wide fitting shoes or have section that are just as on-trend as their standard fit shoes. Wide bootsAs with shoes, not everyone fits into the standard width of boots too and that's you'll find a big choice of boots available in different calf widths. It can be very frustrating finding a pair of boots that won't zip up over your calves and if it sounds familiar then you probably need top buy wide calf boots instead.Read more about Fitness If you think you need wide calf boots then you should measure around the widest part of your calf to ensure the best fit. Wide boots are usually available from a wide to an ultra wide calf and you'll also sometimes find a choice of foot widths too, so you'll certainly find the perfect fitting boots.Fallen in love a pair of boots that aren't available in different widths? Well think about the style; there are lots of different alternatives like adjustable boots using laces or buckles that you can alter for the perfect fit, while stretch boots will also offer a better fit.Tip: If you have standard fit calves but love to tuck you jeans into your boots, buy wide fitting boots and your jeans will fit perfectly in your boots!Slim leg bootsAnd we'd best not forget to also mention those people with slim calves who find boots gape around their legs. Slim width boots are also widely available and offer a slimmer fit than a standard D width boot.For more details visit Fitness



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