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22/07/2012 18:12

If your goal in body exercise is for muscle gain, toning up or fat loss, there is need that you change the variables in your workout sessions for a good result. It is not that your workout should be drastically different each time, but there has to be repetition and improvement on every exercise, every set, every number of reps and rest intervals, for this will greatly help in improving the condition of your body. Being consistent to one exercise and trying always to be very good in that particular exercise for a period of about 4-8 weeks gives good results.These are some observable variables in a fat loss, toning up or muscle gain training exercise: 1. Number of exercises in a training session.2. The sequence at which the different exercises are carried out3. The exercise group, examples are: tri-sets, supper-sets, circuit training etc.4. The exercise type, examples are, machine based, compound exercise, single joint, free weight etc.5. The number of sets and their number of repetitions in a training session.6. The stability base such as seated, standing, one - legged, using stability ball etc.7. The amount of stability and tension rate8. The duration of training session.9. The length of rest after each set or repetition.Please click on Fat loss muscle to learn more! 10. The number of workout session per week.11. The Range covered during exercise12. The Work volume (repetitions x sets x distance moved) etc.Let me explain this more:Assuming in your fat loss, toning up or muscle gain program, you are doing 12 sets of 4 reps for 6 types of exercises grouped in pairs, with no rest time for the 2 exercises in each pair, but a rest time of 25 seconds (between each super-set), then make sure that you write down the sets, reps, weights used and other variables observed in each session in a paper and use it to monitor your progress in that fat loss or muscle gain program. If after 6 - 8 weeks, you noticed a regression in your progress or result, then it is time for change of the variables in your fat loss or muscle gain program and thus a new program.With this consistency and variability, a good lasting result is achieved in your fat loss, toning up or muscle gain training exercise. You can learn more on how to do any of these exercises effectively by reading  on this URL!


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