Facial scar cream

16/01/2012 20:19

There are several types of scar treatment products which can be bought over the counter. Among the commonly used are the vitamin E products, or any other scar cream that is based on vitamin E or the extract from onion like lime juice, cocoa butter, Bio Oil, cucumber butter, Mederna, Aloe Vera, among others. The truth is that even though these products are sold widely, most of them are not effective at all.For instance, in the case of Mederna, which is a popular scar removal cream nowadays and contains the extracts from onion, it does not seem to be effective in scar removal and does not show any improvement in scar appearance. It has also not shown any benefits in the petroleum lubricants. If you are out there and you want to buy an acne scar cream, be informed that there is none that will completely eradicate the scar. They only reduce the appearance of the scar, but they will not completely eliminate it.Various studies have been conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of onion extract gel and it has been found out that they do not improve the appearance of the scar when it is compared with some of the petroleum based ointments. In addition, clinical trials show that vitamin E does not show any more effects than the other emollient-type ointments. What this product does is to assist in hydration and thus it is the only benefit that it has. Consumers are cautioned on the use of topical vitamin E, because they can cause more harm than good which may worsen the scar appearance and may lead to dermatitis popularly known as red rash and some other skin irritations.Read more about Facial scar cream.Now you may be asking yourself which scar product is the best to use. Since we are all different and have different skin types and that the active ingredients in almost all scar creams products are the same, it will be not good to mention a particular product as the best. What can work for you may not work for another person. However, there are some few products which have been clinically tested and it showed that they can improve the appearance of the scar when applied. For instance, the treatment of hyper tropic scars and keloids with silicone gel have shown significant appearance of the scar. In addition, the use of honey on wounds and scars is another possible effective treatment of scars but more research has to be done. For more info visit Facial scar cream.


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