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07/03/2012 21:07

yourself a message but it works. Capture that idea and keep an on-going list of ideas. That way, whenever you're wanting to create content, you don't have to reinvent the wheel or struggle with your creativity right then, you've got a list that you can go to.Step two: One idea will lead to several ideas. When you're fleshing out one idea, other ideas will come to you and what you want to do is capture those too. So, while you're creating one piece of content, keep another file open where you can capture the ideas that come to you for other pieces of content. Remember, you don't want to give away everything in one piece of content. You want to keep it to 400 to 500 words so as ideas come, capture them as well. So, keep an on-going evergreen list of ideas. One idea leads to several ideas and when you do these two things, it leads to the third step.Step three: Read more about Evergreen Webinars  Article eyes equal Article-ize. When you begin to see the world in your niche and your customers, clients, members, whatever you call them through article eyes, the ideas begin to flow and things change from how can I come up with an idea to how can I take all of these ideas and narrow them down to one that I want to create right now. And when you see your world through articles eyes, you're able to articlize everything you do and turn it into content. So, when you keep an on-going evergreen list of ideas and learn that one idea leads to several ideas and begin to see through article eyes so you can articlize everything, you will come up with so many consistent, great content ideas that you'll be able to dominate your niche For more info visit Evergreen Webinars         


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