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21/07/2012 00:13

Elemis are one of the leading luxury brand in England. Having wide range of customer offering like spa and skin care. It is known for producing a few award winning products also having known for its best results in short span of time with blend of technology and nature to its best use. Its multi activity formula ensures maximum therapy activity. It has developed a treatment that guarantees depth in every product from them to spa or skin care.Constant innovation has leaded them to be acclaimed among spa goers and skin care users across the globe. It sets its self to the present day lifestyle needs. This is the finishing touch product of the skin care range. After cleansing your skin with a cleanser take a certain amount of toner. Apply this on your skin and massage it slowly. The cleanser removes the oily substances from the surface of your skin. The toner effect is different from that. Here this makes your skin soft n gives a radiant look.The products are mainly made of natural resources. This has a special reason to be used. As the natural ingredients take the place of a artificial resources like chemicals etc. the favor goes to natural. As natural substances are most preferred by most people and are safe to be used.For more info visit Elemis products This one product is the winner of Natural Health Beauty Awards 2010.Using high alpine Lavender as the base of making this product the natural efficiency remains. Lavender is preferred for doing a balancing act of PH level on our skin. When the ph level is balanced the clarity of the skin texture becomes more visible. During the cleansing time the oily surface is removed from your face this makes the skin dry. So to retain the balance lavender is used. Likely one more important natural product is the Sweet Betty Flower. It's a natural cleansing and foaming agent which made to stop the use of alcohol or any other chemical detergents. This can be said as the gentle or a natural toner and also helps in healing of sun damages or pollution.The active base of plant, glycerin and de-ionised water moisture helps in rebooting the skins surface as well helping you to retain the moisture. Using this after cleansing your face, and then by gently applying it on your face with a wool pad. This makes it feel better as it keeps your skin safe from rough hands.For a lot more info, you really should go to this page.           


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