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07/08/2012 18:58

Every mom dreams of dressing up baby girls when they are born. I remember thinking about my soon to be daughter and picturing the day she was born. I had an outfit picked out that she could wear home from the hospital. But, she didn't have anything for her head, and she was totally bald.Then, my search began for the perfect hair accessories for my sweet baby girl. I searched high and low. Really, quite literally at the store. There wasn't anything. Then, it occurred to me that I could look online to find those cute baby hair bows. There are many styles of hair bows, so let me tell you about a few of them.The first bows for girls hair we will talk about is what we call a korker hair bow. Korker hair bows are curly pieces of grosgrain ribbon that have been curled and starched or heated so they stay curly. You might see 20-40 pieces of korker ribbon on a korker hair bow. The curly ribbon just makes them so darn bouncy and fun. You can see these korker hair bows made to match most any outfit and also some fun, special ones just for holidays.Then, there are what we call baby hair bows. These are not only just typically meant for babies, but they are also baby meaning small. Generally a baby hair bow comes with two bows so that you can put one on each side of the head. They are perfect for keeping small locks of hair out of a baby's face. Again, these can come in any color you can think of.Boutique hair bows are big full bows just full of ribbon. There can be several types of ribbon in these hair bows such as grosgrain, organza, ric rac, and double ruffle ribbon. You can always check my site to learn more on Elemis Birmingham. Now, a boutique bow can even be found with marabou or ostrich feathers in them to give the bow that added flair. Usually a boutique bow has many loops, and folds to give that boutique bow that unique, one of a kind look. Search for boutique bows online and you will find some that you will just absolutely love.Lastly, there is the cheer bows. Cheer bows are bows that are generally attached to a pony tail holder (otherwise known as a pony-o). The ribbon is usually just straight and probably about 6"-12" in length. That way, when a cheerleader wears her hair up in a ponytail for the big game, she can easily attach a coordinating cheer bow. The cheer bows are fun because they move freely when the girl moves or cheers. The material for a cheer bow can be many different kinds as well. Often you will see them made with fun prints on grosgrain, satin or organza.Bows for hair should be fun, and bring enjoyment to you and your daughter. I hope this helps you start to pick out some fun bow and hair accessory choices for your baby girl. Feel free to read more here!


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