Electric bikes

27/08/2011 05:51

Electric bikes are most suitable for those who do not travel fast and are ideal for children and aged people. It is a boon to housewives who have the responsibility of completing the domestic woks, since it is very easy to ride as the conventional bicycles. With the soaring rise of price of petroleum products, electric bikes are a great replacement for other means of transport because electric bikes are fully battery operated. Transportation is a must in everyone's life and people are too busy to find parking places in the wee hours of traffic. Electric bikes are a good substitute in such situations and save the hassle of parking inconveniences. It is high time that people switched from motor bikes to electric bikes for small local errands. The advantages of electric bikes are far too many- the battery of an electric bike has a shelf life of one to two years and is capable of running more than fifteen thousand kilometers when it is charged 300 times in this period. The blades in the electric bikes motor are as powerful as the 250 four stoke motor and is adjustable. Also, the electric bike is not too heavy which is a great advantage for the user. Even though electric bike is a little expensive, it needs only an initial investment and is quite cheap in the long run because there are no maintenance costs or fuel costs to be spent. When the electric bikes are charged for a couple of hour’s everyday, it would suffice for the whole day to travel. The best part of it is that electric bikes do not emit any pollution or noise since they operate on silent mode. Unlike with the case of their gasoline counterparts, electric bikes do not need changing of oil and as a result, there will not be any residue build up on the bike. So, the electric bike need not be washed or cleaned quite often. An electric bike offers all the thrill and comfort of riding a gasoline driven bike and as a bonus, saves a lot of money on fuel.Read more about Electric bikes There is no need for any license or registration for electric bikes. Some of the electric bikes come with pedals and so, even if the battery runs down, it is possible to ride the bike using pedals. People who have to stop frequently and move on the narrow lanes and traffic find electric bikes a boon and very helpful. The speed of the electric bikes is around 25 to 30 kilometers which is faster than walking. It is possible to control the speed of the electric bike like riding faster on cool days that increases wind chill and maintaining a normal speed on hot days and thus reduce perspiration. Electric bikes also save a lot of precious time by alleviating the need to search for a parking space. Thus, by using an electric bike, every one can contribute to decrease the global warming, which is a small contribution by everyone in being eco friendly.For more info visit Electric bikes



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