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27/08/2011 06:05

The electric bicycle has become an increasingly popular mode of transportation in the last several years. People hear about them all the time, but rarely stop to consider the wide range of benefits you can find in them. If you’re considering buying an electric bike, consider also the benefits of electric bikes. The main aspects of electric bicycles we’ll look at are speed, range, and batteries. These three components form the basic reasons people buy electric bikes, and after looking at some of the benefits of electric bikes, you likely will want to as well.The typical electric bicycle has one of two styles of electric motor - power-on-demand, where the biker activates battery power with a throttle on the handlebars, or pedal assistance, where the bike automatically adds power proportionate to the biker’s pedaling speed. Power-on-demand is more useful for hilly or hard-to-navigate areas, where pedal assistance tends to be a little more energy efficient. One of the big benefits of electric bikes is their versatility. If you’re taking your bike off-road, get power-on-demand. If you live in an urban setting, pedal assistance is probably right for you.Electric bicycles vary in range depending on the size of their battery, but most fit between the twenty and forty mile mark. Their range also depends on their motors, as pedal assistance can push a bike up to seventy kilometers on a flat surface with minimal pedal assistance. It can generally get the biker up to between fifteen and twenty miles per hour on a flat surface, and have that charge last for roughly thirty miles at that speed. Keep in mind these are market averages, and that better bikes will perform even better. Read more about Electric Bike  The battery is one of the biggest benefits of electric bikes - they cost roughly two cents to fully charge, and can be charged around five hundred times. How’s that for fuel-efficient?If you need more convincing arguments than the ability to travel thirty miles for two cents with little to no impact on the environment, not to mention the ability to do it easily and comfortably, maybe electric bikes aren’t for you. But if this information has you seriously considering buying an electric bike. Not only does the site have a wide array of electric bike wheels, it can provide you with information and guidelines on a lot of the benefits of electric bikes. Head over and make sure you hit the road comfortably, quietly, and easily.For more info visit Electric Bike



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