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07/08/2011 19:50

If you are a worrier it doesn't mean that you have a case of anxiety disorder. It is normal for people to feel anxious sometimes. Each of us has our own anxiety story to tell, some stories will revolve around anxiety episodes caused by work related stress, marital issues or unpaid bills. Women are proven to be more prone to anxiety disorders than men due to their worrisome predilections and their tendencies to become too emotional on "trivial" matters.
Each of us has different anxiety tolerance levels. Those who can cope with life's issues with more resilience are less likely to have panic attacks. "Nurture" and "Nature" play an important role in shaping up a person's defense against anxiety. A child who grew up in an environment with mutual support, respect and love will be more emotionally stable than a child who grew up in neglect. A stable emotion is the foundation of one's self esteem. If a person has a solid perspective of his own worth, capabilities and limitations, experiencing an anxiety disorder would be the least of his worries.
Modern medicine ushered in anti anxiety pills whose mechanisms of action are mainly targeted on calming the nervous system and balancing the neurotransmitters in the brain. Despite medicine often being the treatment of choice, many psychotherapists and psychiatrists instead opt to use hypnotherapy for anxiety. Anxiolytics, or the drugs known to treat anxiety, cause excessive sleepiness and carbon dioxide retention: making such medications dangerous for patients with respiratory ailments. Fortunately, there are hypnotherapists in Surrey who offer a drug free regimen for anxiety patients with the use of cognitive hypnotherapy.
Hypnosis in Surrey is a budding industry which is closely becoming a trend in treating anxiety disorder patients within the UK. Aside from its skilled hypnotherapists Surrey is also home to practitioners who use the anti anxiety approach called Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). If you're looking for adept practitioners who are experts in NLP Surrey is the place to go to.
Hypnotherapy and anxiety medications are the most popular treatments for an extreme panic attack, the most severe form of anxiety. Other than its famed hypnotherapists Surrey is also known for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioners. This technique, which was made popular by Gary Craig, fosters mind control over one's body and thoughts.
Controlling your thoughts is the key in winning over anxiety. Hypnotherapists in Surrey also perform alternative techniques against anxiety such as meditation and biofeedback training. Despite these new-found techniques, cognitive hypnotherapy is often the treatment of choice for anxiety attacks. It is an anti anxiety method that offers freedom from the disorder while not placing the patient in any harm.
Hypnosis in Surrey utilizes the power of self-suggestion by using a language such as word weaving that affirms the patient's confidence towards himself.
When it comes to new trends in NLP Surrey has many mental health professionals who are licensed to perform such technique. A Neurolinguistic Programming session begins with asking the patient to relax and to keep a steady breathing pattern.Read for more about Eft training uk After reaching that relaxed state, the therapist will now proceed into the "linguistic programming" part, where she delivers empowering suggestions to the patient which are then repeated for a few times. NLP is also an effective activity in smoking cessation classes.
Not only known for its effective executioners of hypnosis Surrey is also a place for hypnotherapists to convene and improve on their profession.For more details visit Eft training uk


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