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16/12/2011 14:29

For New Year, How About TaylorMade R9 TP irons~SHIPPING FREE!!$469.99 tax incl. TaylorMade R9 TP irons on sale in Golf Discount The Taylor Made R9 TP Irons provide serious performance technologies in a classic players shape and size. Classic head shape with new hosel-blend provides a clean, beautiful, and workable head design that for appeal to the skilled players eye. Velocity-Control Chamber in the Long- and Middle-ironsEach R9 long-iron and middle-iron (3- through 6-) houses a large and fully enclosed compartment positioned behind the clubface, underneath the cavity badge. Called the Velocity-Control Chamber (VCC), it makes it possible for an immense area of the ultra-thin (2.0 mm) clubface to exist unsupported.TaylorMade calls it a wrap-around clubface because it acts like a face that wraps around the top-line and the leading edge, which gives the face more freedom to flex and reflex at impact, much like a thin-faced driver.Inverted Cone TechnologyThe VCC makes it easier to launch the ball with the long- and middle-irons, yet TaylorMade engineers have gone to great lengths to ensure that the R9 irons deliver controlled power by incorporating Inverted Cone Technology on the inner side of the clubface. In addition to promoting higher ball speed on off-center hits, the Inverted Cone has been carefully calibrated to eliminate "hot spots" so that ball speed is consistent across the clubface, resulting in keen and consistent distance control in all of the R9 irons.Perimeter WeightingAlthough the R9 long- and middle-irons don't immediately appear to be perimeter-weighted they are, given that the VCC is occupied by a nearly weightless foam, as well as a silicone shock absorber positioned directly behind the center of the face; both serve to absorb unwanted impact vibration. The foam starts as a powder sealed within the VCC; heating the clubhead turns the powder to foam that expands to completely fill all open areas of the chamber, ensuring that the sound and feel at impact is soft, agreeable and consistent across the face.R9 Short IronsR9 short-irons are engineered to deliver increased playability, control and feel in the scoring zone. Read more about Discoteche capodanno.The simple, straightforward teardrop shape and clearly delineated leading edge make it easy for any player to aim these irons target-ward and fire the ball at the flag.R9 short-irons also incorporate a vibration-quieting layer sandwiched between the backside of the clubface and the thin, protective black badge in the cavity. The vibration-quieting is a visco-elastic adhesive made by 3M that also absorbs unwanted vibration and soundAdditionally, at the bottom of each short-iron cavity (hidden behind the badge), more weight has been concentrated at the heel and toe to more stability and forgiveness on mis-hits.Beveled Sole in Every Iron Promotes Solid Contact and PlayabilityNew and Conforming Grooves for 2010The R9 irons incorporate a new groove design that conforms to the USGA and R&A ruling that goes into affect in 2010 for high-level competition.KBS Steel ShaftsR9 irons come equipped with KBS 90-gram steel shafts, available in S and R flexes.TAYLOR MADE R9 TP FEATURES:Velocity-Control Chamber (VCC) delivers a significant increase in COR to promote distance. Progressive changes in head construction and face thickness from short-irons to long-irons results in increased control for short-irons and increased ball speed in long-irons. Inverted Cone Technology in 2-5 irons provide fast and consistent ball speed across the clubface. KBS 90-gram steel shafts and Fujikura Motore graphite shafts provide premium stock shaft options for every player type.For more info visit Discoteche capodanno.


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