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16/10/2011 21:20

This review is a bit different to many of the others I have written because you can click on this link and get a free ebook that tells you exactly what the Directory of Ezines (DOE) is and does, better than I can.
This directory was developed and written by Charlie Page. He joined the DOE himself and eighteen months later he bought the site and has since improved it and made very easy to follow. You may have heard that ezine marketing is the best way to get traffic to any website and we are talking traffic in the thousands. This site offers quite a few freebies (all worth it).  First you could download the free ebook which is a guide in itself.
I first heard about this site through another site, 48 hour cash machine (also a very good).  Developed by Vick. This site shows you how to pick a hot affiliate niche right through to marketing then he also shows you how to send loads of traffic to your site, he shows you the whole thing on video, even how to get ezine traffic.  He then shows you how the DOE site can speed the whole thing up and save you a lot of research.  Read more Directory of ezines. This site is also free and I think it is very good because if you don't want to actually purchase the Directory of Ezines he does show you how to set up an affiliate site without the DOE although getting the DOE makes the whole process easier.  So why not download the free ebook and the 48 Hour Cash Machine which will cost you nothing and see what it's all about.
Hey if it's free check it out.For more info visit Directory of ezines.


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