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11/10/2011 21:31


Online day trading is not for everyone, and this is why it is being currently dominated by expert investors who have been in the game for a long time and for this reason and three more that this article will discuss, you should avoid it at all costs until you build up enough confidence and expertise to handle the volatile world of day trading.One of the main reasons why people fail miserably at day trading, especially those who are new to the market, is that they have not developed that cold emotionless approach to trading that so many investors with experience have been able to show when they are interacting with any market. If you trade with any sort of emotion, your money is sure to go down the toilet because the combination of anger and depression are not the sort of emotions you need on your side when you are tackling the market and neither is greed. While you might know that you have to keep your emotions in check, the day trade is a very razor's edge, reactive, fire wielding market that will singe you within seconds of making a wrong decision and unless you are a Buddhist in a constant state of meditation, there is no way you will be able to keep your emotions in check for hours on end everyday to make wise and informed decisions based on pure logic and fact.Another reason why you should avoid the day trade is because of the different set of rules and the different sorts of research that you need to have in order to get to the core of market psychology and most people do not have the expertise or all of the information on hand to successfully pull of their day trading career. Day trading is really a very serious investment decision that no one should be making lightly and only traders who have been around the block long enough can even try their hand at it. You need an intimate knowledge of the market that you choose, and enough 'back of the hand' knowledge so that you can make decisions based on impulse and impulse is the word I would use to describe the market. Price movements in positive directions, no matter how small need to be pounced on. It's a game of accumulation and you need to accumulate as much as you can, with as much research and information to make sense of the market. Lastly you must have the necessary risk capital at hand and most people who day trade, or in face, this advice can apply to all sorts of traders, is that they always play with money they cannot afford to lose.Read more about day trading online  Day traders are more in danger because they think their margins are minimised with the small amounts of money they invest in a single day, but as their negative downslides accumulate, they realise too late that they have been steadily losing way too much to further sustain their activities in the market. Always make sure that the money you invest inside is the money you can afford to lose. Going broke is not a good thing. And these are 3 of the main reasons why most people avoid online day trading.  For more info visit day trading online

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