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One of top careers for the current decade for job aspirants, the career of criminologists is completely different from the traditional careers. For instance; the clues used in the investigation and detection of crimes are fingerprints, foot prints, or shoe marks that does not have much relevance in other fields of work.Criminology is an Important Field In the background of growing crimes and law and order problems across the globe, criminology as a study as well as career has already assumed an important place in the society. It also enshrines strong character and mentality in the career aspirant since without these to basic qualities success may not be possible in the field of criminology.Education and Training RequirementsSome of the major requirements for building up the career of criminologist are as follows Graduation in any stream; preferably science; will form the base of the educational qualifications for the prospective candidate.In addition he or she should have good analytical caliber and capability to use objective assessment technologies. In job training is a must but if the candidate can have some apprenticeship with known firms or government organizations, it will enhance his or her chances of building up career substantially.      
Job NatureCriminologists are basically involved in detection and prevention of crimes in all areas of life. It is not only a social service but also an essential service for the society and the community as a whole. Some of the requirements are  Fingerprints, foot prints, and studies relating to them; Knowledge of RNA and DNA evidences are important for crime detection as well as research works;Human bones can be evidence as well;Most important is analyzing the circumstantial, oral, written and such other evidences indicating the cause and occurrence of the crime.Nature of Criminology * Basically, criminology is a wing of sociology or science of study of society.  It is the scientific study of crime, criminals and their behaviors, and corrections besides the response of society to crime.Read more about Criminology Careers A criminologist therefore can be called a social scientist that provides analysis of criminal behavior in the society and its impact. Many universities and academies are now offering criminology as regular course.Career ProspectsMultiple avenues of building up careers are there for the criminologists. It includes corrections, criminal investigations, counseling, diversion programming, financial investigations, cyber crime, forensics, insurance frauds, judicial courts, enforcement measures, medical investigation, private investigation, retail investigation, psychology, rehabilitation, and teaching etc.While private jobs and freelancing are possible, Government is still the largest employer for criminologists. for more info visit Criminology Careers            

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