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22/01/2012 13:28

Located in the southernmost Central America, Costa Rica is surrounded by three different surface waters including/understanding Panama Canal On south-east, the Pacific Ocean on the south-west and in the west and the ocean of the Caribbean on the east. Because of the narrow proximity of Rica of costa to several surface waters, the country is a point of ideal stop for various boats of cruising that to carry fills of the adventurous vacationers. According to the area of the Costa Rica which you are inside, the climate can differ clearly. There are the fresh wet ranges of mountain, the tropical forests, the tropical forests dry, the forests of cloud, very dry the Pacifique coast and the wet coast of the Caribbean. Because of the climate various of Rica of costa, the country is at the house with 850 species of the birds, with 205 species of the mammals, 9.000 species of the flowering factories, 1.200 species of the orchises and 376 species of the reptiles and the amphibians. For a country which measures only 51.060 square kilometres, it is a large variety of normal fauna. Costa Rica tries to maintain the beauty normal and the fauna of the Land by indicating a sixth of the country to the national parks and the refuges of fauna. Costa Rica is also at the house with several active volcanos. Arenal bursts every fifteen minutes daily or thus. Welcome Foreigners people of the country with the open arms making Costa Rica one of the most desirable spots of the holidays and retirement in the world. It is for the latter and other reasons for which a cruising of holidays of Costa Rica should be reserved today. The memories will last a life. An abundance of external recreation: Costa Rica is large on relative activities pareau. The riders of vagueness travel of everywhere in the world to the test out of their expertise in water of Rica of costa. The coasts Pacifiques and Atlantic offer to the top of notorious surfer. On the Atlantic coast, Salsa Brava of Puerto Viejo obtains some large cuts during the winter months although this sector is often tight. Peaceful side, Playa Hermosa is the most formed place to catch some waves. If these sectors are flat, no need to worry, snorkeling and kayaking are always an option. The surfers of wind do not have anything but congratulate for the lake Arenal. It is considered one of the spots surfantes better wind of the world and good days you can lead to normal speed more than 25 miles through the lake. There could not be something more romantic when you're of the holidays with that which you like that appreciating with horse one goes up. If its top the beach or by a national park, the experiment is sure to be memorable. Other activities in the open air popular to appreciate while with Costa Rica include the rise, the making maritime fishing of the bicycle and deep of mountain, jump to the rubber band, navigation, bird observing and going up in balloon. More adventurous activities include to push back downwards by the center of the water falls, the excursions of canopy by the tropical trees and to transport white of water. Mecque for the in love ones with nature: The in love ones with nature should benefit national parks and from the refuges of Rica of costa of many. Crocovado is a tropical forest and sand black blank. The hot springs of Tabacon is nature equivalent to Jacuzzi.Read more about Costa Rica Travel Unroll close to the falls of water of cascade in various swimming pools and hot springs. A voyage to the forest of cloud of Monteverde will almost guarantee to see the most famous bird of Rica of costa, the Quetzal. The air tram of tropical forest is located out of San Jose, the capital of the country, and offers a guided excursion of canopy of the tropical forest. The park of Handbook Antonio runs with the monkeys and any other fauna. Tortuguera is the sector of the fitment protected most famous from Rica of costa. If you are not a ventilator of the activities in the open air, concern for don't, it do not have there abundance differently to make and see. The national museum traces the coloured history and the culture of Rica of costa. The museum was founded in 1887 and is located in San Jose. The owners of arts should test and catch one of the many execution put above at the national theatre. The national theatre offers executions of classical music and opera in more of others. Sarchi is located apart from San Jose and is a great place to visit and admire the manual work of the country.For more info visit  Costa Rica Travel



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