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Welcome to Costa Rica, amazing home of rainforests, volcanoes, beaches, massive towns, and miniscule hamlets. The people here are warm and genial, and there's enough journey for everybody. The culture is inviting, the views wonderful, and the weather is right. This is a "green" country. The people, principally a mix of Spanish and Indians, are called Ticans. The language is Spanish, though many folks talk English. "Pura vida" is the Tican way of exclaiming "Enjoy life!" Couples experiencing their first Costa Rican honeymoon vacations are never dismayed. This dramatic Central American nation is loaded in nature and wildlife, with spotless oceanic coasts on 2 of its borders. The landscape and climate are so elaborate that one can drive thru less than an hour of terrain and it'll feel just like a wholly new country. Unlike many of its neighbours, Costa Rica is a particularly politically stable country. "Pura vida" is an ordinarily said phrase, which approximately interprets to "pure life" in English. This motto embodies everything you may encounter during your Costa Rica honeymoon. To the neighbors ( affectionately known as "ticos" ), pura vida is a philosophy that's lived, though not so simply described. After farming, tourism is the biggest industry. The rain forest wildlife is some of the most various in the world. Most honeymoon packages are engineered to put you in contact with as much variety as you can presumably experience in the few days of your stay. For the more intrepid couple, nature walks, scuba swimming, and cover safaris will keep you on the move. Cover safaris are extensive wire and crane systems set up masses of feet in the air, permitting you a thrilling trip through the higher quarters of the green jungle. This is also host to a rising number of some of the best championship golf courses in the world. If golf is your thing, you cannot get it wrong by picking a honeymoon package that brings you close to the legendary and commended Cariari private club.Read more about costa rica travel Though Spanish is the officially recognised language, English is widely spoken as a second language, so communication shouldn't be too tough. It still is valuable to learn some basic Spanish in the event of an emergency. Showing such an interest in the culture is taken as a gesture of good will and can lead to several fun and fascinating talks with the neighbors. The monetary exchange rate is awfully agreeable and makes these Costa Rica honeymoon packages highly cheap. If you have priced similar holidays with other destinations, you'll be nicely surprised when your agent shows you the cost of all of the comforts offered by Costa Rica honeymoon resorts. When your holiday is finished, of course, the enticing price will be the least important memory carried home with you. Costa Rica is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for the great hostels and resorts the country has. It would not be included in top honeymoon locations in the world if they do not have such superb facilities and facilities. You can enjoy your stay area by area with the right accommodations only for you. You can stay in a stylish and luxurious hotel, in an ecolodge, or perhaps in an inclusive resort. There are a few hostels and resorts in Costa Rica and it suits any budget you have. From high end hotels to budget saving cabins, all of them have that. You simply have to make reservations in the dry season from December to Apr to avoid trouble and trouble. This can make sure you that you can have a room to remain on your arrival in the country because during this time of the year, there are lots of vacations and that mean lots of holiday makers, too. Julio Hefferman travels and writes as he goesCosta Rica Beach Resorts For more info visit  costa rica travel


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