Cocoa Beach Surf Report

14/10/2011 15:32

Cocoa Island is situated on the off shore of Costa Rica. It consists of Pacific Ocean of about 550 km from shore of Costa Rica. This island is admired for its deep waters and is excellent for scuba drivers. Climate of island is mostly cloudy and precipitate which is round the year. Average temperature is about 23.6 C. Rainfall is during the month of January to March while September and October are considered as slight rainfall season.
Cocoa Island is the best place for honeymoon and enjoyable for family too. You can spend 10 to 12 days vacation on Island and you won't feel bored or getting back to home. It is considered as paradise on the island because of its views and excellent atmosphere around. You would enjoy walking on the sands and immersing yourself on turquoise water and sunshine.
You can find different cultures like British, Arab, Indian and Sri Lankan getting together at one destination. Best time to visit this place is usually from December to April as the climate is tropical. You can get easily there flights like Emirates, Indian Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Sri Lankan Airlines from many cities across. You will be landed to international airport in Male. You can get Cocoa Island by speed boat or seaplanes which will take about 30 minutes.
There are large varieties of hotels and resorts where you can stay and enjoy your holiday.Read more about Cocoa Beach Surf Report There are Villas and lodges according to your budget and your type of accommodation. There are hotels which have high rates during season, while in off season they have low rates. You can easily search online for different villas according to your budget. There are many facilities which are provided by hotels and resorts providing you enjoyment and comfort.
Maldives is best known for adventure and sports lovers. You can have numerous activities to go for like waterskiing, water surfing, parasailing. You can enjoy with your loved ones playing on the shores of beaches or inside the water. It is best place for scuba diving and discovering life under sea water. There are museums, parks, mosques, shopping bazaar which can be explored in Maldives.For more info visit  Cocoa Beach Surf Report  



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