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Online classified is a great help for the used car buyers in Canada, especially for the dwellers in Toronto and Montreal. Today's technology age is full of information from the virtual world. The online classified throws open ocean of information about each and every point of your car and its related information. Just log on to any car dealer of your area, you will not only get the different make, series, mileage, tire & its replacements etc. you will get many other information about your chosen car. The most important feature is the price quotes from different venders. You can have the fullest information about the delicate information you could have not thought before logging in. The fact is in every year in and year out almost one fifth of the Canadians are entering into the light vehicle market and annually over 4 million light vehicles change hands, which is a staggering figure. In the year 2010, 2.9 million Canadians purchased some sort of used vehicle while in the same year only 1.557 new vehicles were sold in the same market. This means out of 100 vehicles purchased in the year 2010, only 35 were new while balance 65 were used vehicles. The hair raising fact is that even a decade ago the sale figures of the new vehicle were almost the same as on today but the trend of used car sale is almost like exploding phenomena in these present days. The online classified will throw open the picture of used cars Toronto market in a magnified way by detailing about many things. It is a known fact that due to heavy-handed-ness of the government regulations the prices of new cars are beyond the reach of many, so people are leaning towards used cars. Actually the trend speaks about the affordability. The trend of CPO(Certified Pre Owned) cars are gathering momentum as both the manufacturers and new car dealers respond overwhelmingly highlighting both the threat and opportunities of this CPO program with extended warrantee, some with factory mandated inspection report and intact service record. Banks and other financial institutions are also coming forward to lend money to the used car buyers because as per the record of last two decades, the used buyers outnumber the new car buyers. All these financial institutions are studying the new and fast emerging market of Used car Toronto and Used cars Montreal in Canada.For more info,Please visit classifieds Actually the growing trend is that people can afford their own vehicle, and so prefer to go for personal transportation than public transportation. As a result of this new trend, new-car dealers are becoming more aggressive and going ahead directly with their used car operations. But one must not ignore about some important cautions before buying any used car: 1) checking the ownership, i.e. prefer to go for registered auto dealer instead of private dealers; 2) Check the size of the tire & rim, i.e. it is not uncommon that they get replaced with cheaper quality products; 3) Check the vehicle's serviceability, i.e. you know why; 4) Scrutinize over the entire record, i.e. you must not be the victim of your innocence; 5) Better not opt for much older cars that is more than 10 years old. Related Articles - Used car Toronto, Used car Montreal, Used car Ottawa, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!Information on this can be found at this site


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