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29/06/2012 15:32

Celebrity endorsements often help in soaring sales for product companies. This holds true for every product in every industry. In the fashion and beauty industry, celebrity endorsements have a snowball effect on product sales.Did you know that the sales of L'Oreal's Elnett soared because it was advertised by Cheryl Cole! The Girls Aloud singer boosted the product's sales in the UK by 14 per cent last year. Cheryl also advertises L'Oreal's Diamond Hold and Shine spray and the Elvive range of shampoos and conditioners for which sales are also up 14 per cent.Women are definitely getting more adventurous and are customizing their hairstyles and color. They aspire to get the 'red carpet' styles at home and hence try to copy celebrity hairstyles. When these celebrities endorse specific hair products, they sell like hotcakes.There's nothing wrong in endorsing any product, until it benefits the masses.For more info visit celebrity endorsements However the ads featuring celebrities are misleading at times and can cause concern amongst consumers.This year itself, one of L'Oreal's shampoo commercials featuring Cheryl Cole was scrutinized as it seemed misleading. Viewers were upset and many questioned whether Cheryl Cole's hair extensions were worth it?The obvious question is - Should celebrities endorse hair products?The answer is yes, they should. However, celebrities should be careful in the way the product is positioned amongst consumers. Fans try to copy their favorite stars in every way possible, so celebrities should ensure that they are not sending any ambiguous message to their fans/consumers.If you are unsure whether a product endorsed by a celebrity is right for you, then it is best to consult your stylist. Get involved in a consultation session with your stylist/colorist. Ask them about which hair products to apply, which hairstyling scissors to use, etc.The benefit of doing this is that they will guide you in the right way so that you can copy a celebrity look and yet stay away from any side effects. If like this info, go to this site!         


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