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In Business, Communication plays an important role to advance or promote your organization, services, and products, so you have to communicate with your customers to develop your organization. It encompasses a variety of topics, including customer relation, marketing, advertising, employee management, research and measurement and so on. It is very much interconnected to the fields of specialized or professional and technical communication. It is somewhat different and unique from the other type of communication and the purpose of business is to get profit and advance your business. Thus to make superior way for earnings the communicator should build up the good communication skills.Types of Business Communication:1. Internal Communication2. External Communication1: Internal Communication:It is dialogic process within an organization between employees and employer, and employees and employees.Internal communication may be official or unofficial functions and organization provides variety of employees to communicate with them to know about various aspects. It can also help us to raise job security, output, satisfaction, and income, and it has beneficial for organization.Read more about business communication 2: External Communication:External communication involves exchange of information or transmission of messages to customers, investors, or any other organization, which is directly or indirectly related to the performance of your business.Due to external communication, it helps the organization to complete their aims or goals and get the customer satisfaction. It helps the organization to spread their products easily and can also earn a lot of money because of external communication. Because of these achievements it will affect the overall performance of organization. It improves the organization image in minds of customers.Local Online Yellow Book is a fast growing ECO friendly online search company. We provide a multimedia platform that focuses on relevant local search results. It is one of the successful leading business directories available to online customers. When people need to find a business, they turn to Local Online Yellow Book. Connecting customers with businesses is what we do best and we've been doing it for years. We're continuing to grow and since we are online directory we're working to reduce waste and make our environment cleaner and safer.For more info visit business communication


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