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24/10/2011 18:38

Marketing is a pricey and difficult task to big businesses on a small budget. Many marketing strategies today require a considerable amount of money to make it successful. When we say marketing these days, it means more than tweaking a marketing copy. We mean here creating artistic and compelling copies that have unique convincing power.But would a cheap marketing strategy work for a small business? The answer is absolutely yes. Today, people are no longer just looking for pricey ads. What they want is the content and benefit they will get from the products or services presented in the ad. So, which marketing strategy should work for your business? There is a simple answer to that: the business cards.A business card is actually a form of self marketing that is designed to communicate details about you and what your company does. This is why a well designed business card is critical to any business. A good card is created to draw attention and encourage sales. If your business card cannot convince people to buy from you or make you stand out in the market, then your card is not as effective as you think it is.It is actually to overlook business cards. With digital marketing and the popularity of social media today, who would still need the old-fashioned business card. But contrary to popular belief, an elegant and engaging business card will attract more customers than any other form of marketing media. If seeking to create your own business card today, you better read the following simple ways to create one smoking hot business card:1. Be sure to create a design that attracts attention and sustains people's interest.2. As much as possible, use a 100 pound card stock to ensure your business card is reliable and long lasting.3. Use images that best represent you, your products or services, and your business.Read more bout business cards Be sure that the images you choose plays with your prospect's emotion to encourage them to check out your product offerings.4. Create a plastic or magnet card, or anything that is out of the ordinary to catch people's attention and give them a reason to keep your card.5. You can create cards of various shapes. For instance, a car shaped card if you are in the auto business. This will surely get you noticed out there.6. You can consider creating a double or tri-fold business card. This will give you extra space in your business card templates to put in your contact details and message.7. If you offer different services, be sure to create one card for each service. You need to create several cards when you are trying to target different markets with different needs. The extra money you pay for your card will be surely reimbursed in the form of additional business and customers.8. If your business name does not tell what your product offerings are, be sure to put a tagline in your card. Your tagline will tell the nature of your business and what it is that you offer.9. Do not use incomprehensible font as this will only cause you to loose customers.10. Be sure that the contact details printed in your cards are current and updated all the time. Handing out outdated cards will only make you look unprofessional.For more info visit business cards



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