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12/10/2011 21:48

The Party City is a departmental store and is one of the Fresno shopping centers which are devoted to celebration items. The decorations vary from being theme decorations like Barbie and Spiderman, noisemakers, handheld games, invitation and candy. The types of decorations vary as per the season or the type of holiday, for example, the costume outfits, scraggly wigs and fake noses are particularly popular during Halloween. 

The Burlington Coat Factory is an apparel store among the various Fresno shopping options and an avid shopper would get to choose from at least 10,000 coats, designer clothing, casual wear, evening wear, shoes, maternity clothes as well as home accessories. 
The B B Pepper is a women's clothing store and is one of the upscale Fresno shopping choices in which one would be able to find all types of women's apparel ranging from formal dresses to casual wear to daily outfits for everyday use. 
The Gap is considered to be one of the trend-setters among the Fresno shopping areas and takes pride in displaying the latest products and fashions pertaining to men, women and children. This store also has the latest trend in jeans, tops and accessories and offers small, petite as well as maternity wear for women shoppers. 
The Conroy's Flowers are one of the few florist shops among the Fresno shopping options and proudly offers freshly cut flowers like roses, tulips, orchids, carnations and daisies. This shop has an online ordering facility as well through which flowers, gift baskets, chocolate, candies and teddy bears can be ordered for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day as well as celebrations. 
The Stuffed Pipe is one of the few options among Fresno shopping which is a dream-come-true for smokers. This shop has all the products related to smoking like pipes, papers and vaporizers and in addition also offers attractive gift items for men like shirts, stickers, posters and digital thermometers. 
The Midtown Sports is located in Cedar Avenue and is considered to be one of the few venues in Fresno shopping which offer all types of quality sports goods. This shop is a must for making sports related purchase because not only does it have equipment for all types of sports like baseball, hockey, football and badminton but it also keeps a large variety of men's apparel of well known brands. 
The Best Buy is one of the most popular shopping arcades in Fresno shopping if one is looking for electronic gadgets of well known brands. This shop opened its doors to customers in 1983 and since then has sold millions of digital cameras, cell phones, computers, video games and televisions of famous brands like Microsoft, Canon, Samsung and Sony. This shop also offers in-house installation services for home appliances like the home entertainment system, home appliances and audio and video systems. Read more about Burlington Coat Factory Printable Coupons
The Target is one of the most affordable venues among the Fresno shopping centers and is also one of the most frequented due to its cleanliness and organized layout of shops. The stores offer a range of products ranging from household items and designer clothing to gardening equipment and lawn care products and mostly serve young couples and college students. For more info visit Burlington Coat Factory Printable Coupons




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