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06/08/2011 17:13

We've all seen the big promises. If you're in a fitness program to build muscle fast, not just lose weight or maintain a cushy "overall lifestyle health", the magazines and books treat you completely different; how they seem to regard your intelligence is no exception. Slower, more conventional, or otherwise "low risk" alternatives to do this, aren't the way to go if results in the immediate future are on your mind. Instead the route to focus on to build muscle fast is muscle building nutrition, rather than heavy workout, (although there will have to be plenty of that) that will only tear muscle. Standard, bookstore guides won't show you the specific methods to take in just the right kind of nutrition that feeds only the muscle, while starving the fat. Sure, anyone can cut back on sugars and fats but more foods out there will hurt your build muscle fast plans than you'd realize.So we've established: there are more hardcore nutrition programs to help you build muscle fast. But you won't find them where everyone else is reading. Bookstores, magazine checkout stands, and certainly not infomercials. I tend to lean in the more independently published direction. A lot of well known trainers have had great success, and don't make the bestseller lists. You can follow their lead and build muscle fast with the info no on else is getting. So either way, whatever program you're trying to follow, there are some general rules on how to do it.The first thing to consider is it's essential to keep in mind what you're eating and the times. If your timing is off, your body won't benefit from the exercise that's supposed to help you do this in the first place. No starvation diets; cutting overall nutrition is no way to get rid of fat; it will but it comes at a cost. You'll damage tissue rather than build muscle fast. Some eliminate sweets of every kind, altogether. You can certainly do that, but it all depends on the person's individual level of enjoyment they get from sugary foods. Some people are so miserable with this approach that they feel it limits their lifestyle, thus, they don't follow the program through; that's no way to build muscle fast. Special guides like the types I mentioned above elaborate more on this, but as far as the right kind of nutrition to accomplish this take in a lot of high protein, low fat meats like fish and poultry.I alluded to the exercise portion earlier, but running straight into the gym and wearing yourself out on day one is no way to build muscle fast, that will simply tear muscle. Go for high reps. with mid-level weights. Try to get in a few sets of each type.Read more about Build muscle fast Once you become comfortable, up the weight and come down on the reps. Results vary for different people, but you should be able to make this slow transition within a couple of weeks.Once you're in that phase of your workout program, the trick is to keep pushing until your muscles literally can't do anymore, not what you feel like the limit is. Leave everything you've got on those machines, and you'll build muscle fast like you haven't seen before.For more info visit Build muscle fast



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