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23/08/2011 14:42

For years, I was really known to have a "gummy smile" in my high school.It really did not bother me though, but I really did not like the fact that my schoolmates makes me as their hot topic everyday.I began to be feeling conscious and brought me to grief that time.So knowing that my situation is not so healthy anymore, I decided to visit a local dentist in Bradford, Ontario.
During my visit, I asked my dentist of what causes these gummy smiles, he answered me that there are a lot of possible causes of gummy smiles.These are caused by gum tissues that grew excessively in the upper jaw, covering the upper part of the teeth.Aside from this, another possible cause is that the muscle of the upper lip's hyperactivity may have caused the lip to rise up higher than normal, thus there would be exposure of the gums when one smiles.In my case it was the former.Moreover, I was told that these could be easily corrected and I have to undergo a surgical procedure called gum contouring.
Gum contouring is a dental procedure that treats gummy smiles.It is commonly done with the use of a scalpel.However, a lot of dentists, including a dentist in Bradford, Ontario use a laser device to trim away the excess gums that overlies the teeth.The treatment is done very quickly and is usually painless since there is an induction of a local anesthetic agent in the gums.The use of a laser is really advantageous in the operation, since it cauterizes blood vessels to prevent further bleeding and it aids in a fast recovery.Read more about Bradford dentist Because of such advantages, this procedure has proven to be safe and effective
However, not all dentists do gum contouring.Only a dentist who has a advance training in cosmetic dentistry can only perform this, so it is very wise to choose a dentist who have much experience in gum contouring, like the dentist in Bradford, Ontario.
After a couple of follow up check up with the dentist, I can finally say that I had done away with those gummy smiles.Now I can smile freely without wondering if people will look into my gummy smile.Having gummy smiles could really take away ones self confidence, so if you do not want this to happen, you must consult your dentist right away and have a schedule for gum contouring operation.For more info visit Bradford dentist


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