bouncy castles for rent in Phoenix AZ

27/01/2012 23:07

Some people are just plain lucky, allow me to share with you what genuinely happened to a good mate of mine. We both work in the IT field, well I am still stuck in it, he got out by one stroke of luck and being the entrepreneurial type, he made it big time in my books. He seriously won a years worth of wages on a single race. Yes, he made a side bet, and won big. He then took most of his winnings and bought into a business that provides fun and entertainment for kids. Yes, - i still vividly remember showing up at his house for a bbq, and he showed me with a huge grin on his face his new found income stream. 5 months later, my friend gave up his full time IT job, he continued working on a part time basis, and now a couple of months later he has expanded his jumpy castle business into a full time roadshow. Yes, Auckland Bouncy Castle Hire is live and well, and prospering big time. He is now working on demand, and I am still in IT. Bouncy Bouncy, is a family owned business operating in Auckland, New Zealand. When you hire a inflatable fun for the kids object, you can be assured that they are clean, safe & the most durable bouncy castles in the Auckland region.Read more about bouncy castles for rent in Phoenix AZ They deliver to your door, do the setup, cleanup and disassemble at the end of a fun filled day for the kids and we have a range of themed bouncy castles to select from.A bouncy castle is a fun, and effective way to entertain the kids. They are truly entertained for hours on end, and at some parties we have seen the adults bouncing around as well. We look forward to showcase to you why we are the most trusted, and sought after bouncy castle hire company in New Zealand. Auckland Bouncy Castle Hire is a good example that business can be fun. I secretly envy my friend big time, but am so glad for him. The bouncy castle business keeps him ticking over, and with every new purchase to add to his already impressive collection, he can and will only go from strength to strength. My friend is the luckiest man I know, and the best off all is, he truly has a smile on his dial every single time I see him. I wonder why.For more info visit bouncy castles for rent in Phoenix AZ 



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