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What is a bonsai?Bonsai tree is a wonderful miniature plant in a container. Bonsai tree can be propagated from a cutting or seed. If you are planning to grow a bonsai tree, you should be patient enough to take care and provide proper maintenance for the bonsai. It takes a minimum of five years to grow a bonsai tree. According from a Japanese saying, bonsai tree expresses?heaven and earth in one container?.What are the bonsai types?There are two main types of bonsai, the indoor bonsai type and the outdoor bonsai type. Each type has different varieties that can give you a unique beauty that will make you appreciate bonsai more. Each type has various characteristics that can guide you in bonsai cultivation and taking care of a bonsai plant.What is an indoor bonsai type?Indoor type is a bonsai that can thrive in an indoor environment. They can be an extra-ordinary indoor display and perfect gifts. Tropical and subtropical species grow well in indoor conditions. You just have to give extra care and proper attention to your bonsai plant so that it will grow beautifully. You should expose them to sunlight by placing them near the windows and you should make sure that you water them on a regular basis. It is very important to feed them with fertilizer as well because this will provide them essential nutrients that will help them grow and flourish.What are the varieties of indoor bonsai type?There are various varieties of indoor bonsai and here are some of them: Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia), Podocarpus (Podorcapus macrophyllus), Serissa or Chinese Snow Rose (Serissa foetida or Serissa japonica), Chinese pepper (Zanthoxylum piperitum), Baby Jade (Crassula portulacea), Chinese bird plum (Sageteria theezans), Narrow Leaf or Willow Leaf Fig (Ficus salicifolia),Celtis (Celtis africana), Sago Palm or Cycad(Cycas revoluta), Money Tree or Good Fortune Tree (Pachira aquatica), and Paper Flower or Bougainville (Bougainvillea).Read more about Bonsai. What is an outdoor bonsai type?An outdoor bonsai type has two categories: Deciduous bonsai plants and evergreen bonsai plants. Deciduous bonsai plants fall off their leaves during the winter season, and they start to bud at spring time. Evergreen bonsai plants retain their leaves through all the seasons. But during winter, they would undergo dormancy period which would make their leaves to appear dull green to yellowish. Outdoor bonsai trees cannot survive in an indoor environment. You should make sure that they are watered on a regular basis, and never allow them to get dry. You should protect the outdoor bonsai plants from excessive cold and freezing winds.What are the varieties of outdoor bonsai type?Deciduous bonsai trees include varieties such as maples, gingko (Gingko biloba), crabapple, apricot, larch, hornbeam (Carpinus), and a lot of elm species. Evergreen bonsai trees include the following species: junipers, most of the pine species, boxwoods (Buxus), azaleas, blue moss cypress, Japanese juniper, Japanese red maple (Acer rubrum), Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia), Chinese fringe flower, star cypress, flowering, and soft touch holly. For more info visit Bonsai.


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