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07/03/2012 21:19

Almost every gamer is acquainted with Battlefield series and must have played at least one version of this war game. The latest jewel in this series is Battlefield 3 and was released last month. This newest version was received warmly by its fans and many must have finished the game by now. Now depending on the style of how we play a game, some of us are also on a lookout for the BF3 cheats. Read on and find out the different cheat codes that you can use during this game and play it flawlessly in one go. Let us start with unlocking all the weapons so that you do not get bored anywhere during the game. Try 'Lock 'n' Load' and you will get to see the weaponry available in this game. To unlock all the co-op missions, use 'Two-rah!' and you can cherry pick the mission you want to play. For completing all the co-op missions on hard difficulty, you will have to type 'Army of Two' and once you do that you become the master of all the missions. Moving on to achievements, ranks and ribbons, hit 'Decorated' and you will get all the ribbons available in the game. Similarly, for all 3 vehicle warfare ribbons, try 'vehicle warfare'. 'Infantry Efficiency' and 'Support Efficiency' will help you obtain all four support and weapon efficiency ribbons in the game. For campaign story completion, enter 'Ooh-rah!' and for campaign story completion on hard difficulty use 'Semper Fidelis'. Going by missions, Kaffarov has two Battlefield 3cheats to offer. First one being, 'Practice makes perfect' with this you would be able to take headshots of all the enemies which fall in your range. The other one is 'No Escape' which help you capture Kaffarov. In Operation Exodus, complete the mission without losing the Humvee by typing 'Car Lover'. Read more about BF3 Hacks Enter 'Bullseye'in Drop 'em Like Liquid and save the hostages without being detected by enemy guards. 'Rock and a Hard Place' mission also has two Bf3 cheats to help, take down the jet in that mission by entering 'Butterfly' and take a Russian dog tag when you are ambushed by 'What the hell *are* you?'. In Uprising, kill the soldiers by kicking the car with 'Roadkill' and kill the soldiers before the building falls on them by 'Involuntary Euthanasia'. The Fire from the Sky mission can be completed without using the fire extinguisher through 'Untouchable'.There is a nuclear armament in the game and to find it you would need a cheat code 'Where are the other two?'.You can also achieve rank forty five by simply hitting 'Colonel' and your first enemy dog tag with 'M.I.A'. In The Great Destroyer destroy Solomon by using the 'Between a rock and a hard place'. These Battlefield 3 cheats are the best with being tried and tested use them as and when required but make sure you hit the right code. Play safe and emerge a winner by finishing the game faster than others.For more info visit BF3 Hacks 



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