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03/12/2011 21:45

Osteopathy is generally referred to the health system of the muscular and bones of the body. The area of concern is mainly the joints, the bones and the muscles. Osteopathy treatment is applicable to a standard bio-medical care. The role of an Osteopath is to manually adjust the spines in order to ease the nerve and muscle pains. History of this treatment goes back to the American Civil war when most of the fighters lost their lives due to muscle pain and contagious diseases. Dr. Andrew Tailor of the United States is the founder of this treatment. Osteopathy was then a developed alternative to treat all bones and muscle pains. Since the 19th century, the Osteopathic treatment has developed refined and cured thousands of people. The basic principles of Osteopathy include:1. The body is an integrated unit of the mind and the spirit2. The structures and functions of the body are reciprocal related to each other3. Body holds possessions of self-regulatory mechanism4. The body could be immune to and defend the germs, thereby repair5. The fluids in the body needs constant movement for a regular bowel system6. Whenever the environment is adverse to the body, diseases occur7.Read more about Beaconsfield osteopathy The nervous system of the body is extremely important; it helps to control the body fluidsOsteopathy treatment is all about manual adjustment of the body muscles to cure a particular pain or injury. They are done through diverse techniques which also involve the diet, posture, physiotherapy and counseling. Osteopaths carry out palpitation diagnosis. This includes feeling the tissues, feeling the muscles, analyzing the movements of the joints and muscles. Osteopathy doesn’t believe in machines or X-rays. It’s simply the touch and the feel which can detect the spinal dislocations. After detecting the problem, the Osteopath gives manual adjustments to the patient by putting him in certain positions or giving his body jerks.For more info visit Beaconsfield osteopathy



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