Astral projection for beginners

18/08/2011 20:11

Everybody is in a hurry. We are nervous all the time, with our work, our kids, our lives. We don't take time to rest. This is evident when you see people walking in the streets, the mess that is the traffic, people becoming angry, shouting to each other, to be able to arrive 5 minutes earlier to a given place.
We don't think about our mind. It needs to relax from time to time and we are not caring. We make our mind work and we don't care if we receive signs that it is getting tired. Astral projection is a technique to relax our mind.
With your mind you can travel anywhere.
You may be sitting in your house in a very hot summer day, but your mind can travel to a fresh place, making you feel more comfortable. That is the idea behind astral projection or as it is also known out of body experience (OOBE)
It is difficult to astral project because you need to control your mind.Read more about Astral projection for beginners You should make your subconscious work instead of your conscious part. This can be done with yoga or meditation but it can take a lot of time to train your brain, and it is possible you will give up if you don't see results in a relative short period of time.
The best way for beginners to do astral projection is with the use of binaural beats. Almost 100% of the people who try binaural beats are able to astral project and improve their lives quality.For info visit Astral projection for beginners


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