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22/08/2011 11:12

Alternative healing and therapy has always been of great interest to me and I enjoy learning about all the various methods and treatments available out there. Today I would like to look at acupressure.Acupressure is a form of traditional Chinese medicine, and it can also include acupuncture, herbal therapy and other Chinese methods. The main goal of using acupressure is to balance chi, which is another word for the flow of life energy that flows through the body.Life energy or chi flows along specific paths in the body called meridians which are like roads. The energy travels along these paths to get to the body's major organs and systems like the lungs, liver and heart. When the chi flows freely along the meridians, we are healthy, but if there is a blockage, then there is normally disease present.Using acupressure, it is possible to alter the flow of chi. This is done by pressing and rubbing points on the skin called acupoints, which are located along the body's meridians. This pressing and rubbing helps to restore the free flow of chi, not only to the blocked areas, but also within the organs that are controlled by those meridians. The difference with acupuncture is that needles are used to stimulate the acupoints instead of the fingers.Acupressure is considered to be very effective in treating the soft tissue, like muscles, tendons and ligaments. Acupressure also helps problems like arthritis, joint pain, back pain and also some gynecological problems.Because acupressure isn't invasive at all, it is considered a very safe form of healing for most conditions. There are however a few precautions and conditions that shouldn't be treated with acupressure.Read more about Alternative healing Acupressure shouldn't be administered on or near any cancerous tumors, as stimulating acupoints there can cause cancer cells to spread in the bloodstream. This therapy should also not be used on any wounds, sores or ulcers. Prolapsed and varicose veins should also be left well alone.Women who are pregnant should also not have acupressure as pushing on certain points can stimulate uterine contractions. People who have had strokes within the last thirty days should also avoid this type of therapy, as certain acupoints can trigger brain activity that may cause more damage.If you have any serious medical conditions, rather seek a doctors advice first before using acupressure. Acupressure should never be the only treatment for any serious disease, but rather be used as a supporting therapy to aid in faster recovery.For more info visit Alternative healing






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