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29/11/2011 18:49

One of the most recent developments in LED lighting in indoor gardening applications is the advent of the Led Supernova Grow Light. These grow light systems offer the most efficiency that will help your plants grow rapidly to maturity. LED Grow Light SystemsLED stands for light-emitting diode. They have been around since the 1920s, but have come into their own in more recent years. When the diode is switched on, it releases energy in the form of light. Diodes can produce different colors of light based on the semiconductor's energy gap. The diode is used with other optics to shape the light and cause it to reflect. LED grow light systems take advantage of all that the power from these amazing diodes has to offer. LED lights use less energy and last longer than traditional light bulbs. They offer a brighter light coming from smaller-sized equipment. The supernova led lightSupernova LED light utilizes unique circuitry to achieve excellent lighting results for indoor gardening. In order to provide flexibility in how they are used along with maximum light area coverage, the LED Supernova uses seven different circuit boards in order to project its bright light at different angles.Another very handy feature of the Supernova LED light is the ease of color spectrum adjustment that is possible. The LED Supernova comes equipped with a red knob and a blue knob. You simply turn the knob to increase or decrease whichever light spectrum you wish. This is an especially important feature for indoor gardeners, because plants respond differently to different color temperatures. Mature plants that you want to produce flowers and fruit need to be exposed to lower color temperatures, which corresponds to the red and orange visible spectrum of light. Young plants, or leafy plants like lettuce, that you want to encourage to put out vegetative growth respond best to higher color temperatures, which to our eyes look blue. These changes in color temperature in the past were accomplished with grow lights that offered a single color spectrum, and now there are full spectrum grow lamps in traditional styles. But none offer the ease of changing spectrums and the ability to customize the color as do the Supernova LED light bulbs. Indoor gardeners and hydroponics enthusiasts will be pleased to discover that less equipment is needed to run the Led Supernova Grow Light than other traditional grow lights. The Supernova LED light comes with fans built in so that ducting and air-cooled reflectors are not needed for operation.Read more about adidas supernova  The LED Supernova comes ready for use. No wiring is required; you can simply plug it into your electrical outlet. Enjoy superior bright light, lower electrical costs, and a great response from your plants when you use the Supernova LED light in your indoor garden.For more info visit adidas supernova




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