Accelerated nursing programs

19/08/2011 20:26

A lot of nurses these days are working in the only career field they have ever known. For others though this can be a second career, after first earning a degree in another discipline. Accelerated nursing programs were designed for the person who would like to go into nursing who have already earned a college degree. Accelerated nursing programs offer the ability to get either a bachelor's or master's degree in a compressed nursing study program.
Accelerated Nursing Programs for the BSN/RN
There are currently over 200 nursing schools across the US that have accelerated nursing programs. The usual bachelor's degree program offers you the ability to earn the BSN, or bachelor of science in nursing. Usually these will involve students who have already received a degree in something other than nursing, and allows them to take the remaining nursing courses needed to sit for their registered nurse license exam.
     Traditional accelerated nursing programs will last from 11-18 months, and allows you to graduate with a BSN. You are then eligible to take the RN licensing exam.
Accelerated Nursing Programs for the MSN/RN
Colleges that have MSN accelerated nursing programs usually last two and a half to three years. You will get your master's in science of nursing degree and can sit for your practitioner license.Read more Accelerated nursing programs
Traditional or Accelerated Program?? You Choose
As the name suggested, an accelerated nursing program is a highly-compressed nursing education. The student is in school and clinical experience for far more than 40 hours per week most weeks, and students cannot hold outside jobs while completing an accelerated nursing program.
This can be difficult for prospective nursing students who need income to survive during accelerated nursing programs, but the payoff is worth it. In some markets, newly-graduated nurses can command salaries of $65,000 per year or more.
Finding Colleges for Nursing and Faster Results
For some nursing students, a traditional program or a part-time program at a college of nursing that allows them to continue earning income while slowly finishing nursing school is a better choice. There are many community colleges and vocational schools that allow you to get your nursing degree at a pace that impacts minimally on your personal life. But for those who want a faster method for completing nursing school, accelerated nursing programs offer an excellent choice.For more info visit Accelerated nursing programs


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